Community Currencies serve different purposes to conventional legal tender money and can allow communities to achieve exciting new things. The conflicts between today's money systems and sustainability means that we need local alternatives.

We supported Christchurch City Council to initiate development of a community currency for Christchurch.  See this recent radio story and this article. 

A community currency can help to:

  • Facilitate community management of city facilities,
  • Deliver services and projects for communities - that would otherwise be unaffordable.
  • Strengthen communities while delivering services and projects more efficiently - by connecting local needs with under-utilised resources that are available in the community
  • Reduce a Council’s funding gap
  • Improve the city's long-term economic resilience by establishing a robust local means of exchange
  • Make the city a world-leader in economic resilience and sustainability

While developing a community currency is a great opportunity, it needs to be approached carefully.  A successful currency will need a foundation of:

  • Clear objectives that are based on a sound assessment of where resources and needs in the community could best be connected with a community currency
  • A robust evaluation of potential currency models that could work in the local context, based on those being used or developed internationally
  • An honest assessment of the challenges facing local implementation of a complementary currency. 

We can also work with other communities to develop and implement a community currency.  Contact us if you are interested. 


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