Background for a Sustainable Prosperity Strategy - Far North District Council

In early 2016 Korimako was engaged by Far North District Council (FNDC) to prepare a background paper on best practice for developing a local Sustainable Prosperity Strategy.  We presented this work at a workshop for FNDC elected members in March 2016. 

This work is part of the Our Voices – Our Vision journey that the Far North District Council embarked on with the community in 2015 - to develop a long-term vision for the Far North.  

The background paper and workshop covered:

  • An introduction to the ideas of sustainability and development.
  • An overview of the process of sustainable change in a community, key elements of the change process, and how a strategy fits into the change process.
  • A draft Sustainable Prosperity Framework, based on the community’s vision and expectations identified through Our Voices – Our Vision and developed further using elements of sustainability frameworks used globally.
  • Recommended next steps for putting the ideas discussed in the paper into action, the strategy development process and delivering on the strategy.
  • Case Studies of what other communities are doing to pursue sustainable development in New Zealand and around the world

The Korimako team’s advice has helped Far North District Council to frame their thinking and plan the forthcoming process to develop a Sustainable Prosperity Strategy in partnership with the Far North community.




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