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Our Services

Our Services

To help create change towards a more sustainable, equitable and resilient future – we support organisations and communities with services in the following areas:




Designing for mission-led change

We provide support and coaching to help communities and organisations to understand and plan processes of mission-led change. A mission-led approach forces us to focus on doing what must be done to respond to the challenges facing us, rather than limiting ourselves to presumptions about what we think can be done. This is an important shift in mindset and approach, but it is hard and requires the type of dedicated support that we offer.


Partnership, business and organisation models

We help to design and establish fit-for-purpose partnership, business and organisational models to be the ‘backbone’ of activating and incubating radical change. This includes creating new organising and governance models, helping existing organisations to evolve appropriately and clarifying collaborations in clear partnership agreements.


Strategy, portfolio, programme and project development

We help to design and implement a strategic portfolio development and management approach. This ensures that projects and programmes are robustly planned and integrated as part of an adaptive overall strategic pathway.


Systems, assets and stakeholder mapping

We use established methodologies to help communities and organisations to understand and map their current systems, assets and stakeholders. This is an important foundation for change process, strategy, governance and portfolio design.


Investment and funding

We guide development of new transformative investment models, including developing an overall economic case for change and adaptive financing mechanisms that are able to deliver appropriate capital at the needed speed and scale.


Feasibility assessments, business cases and project planning

We have extensive experience designing and delivering robust feasibility assessments, business cases and project plans across a range of sectors – for both specific projects and wider programmes.



We are experienced designing and facilitating creative, engaging and fun workshop, meeting and conference sessions that ensure that everyone can contribute. We visualise the results so that they can easily be further used.



We bring curiosity and a creative approach to assembling background research and case studies to support programme and project design.


Programme and project management

We have long experience in using best project management practices to ensure delivery of quality programmes and projects on time, scope and budget.


Strategic communications

We work with communities and organisations to create and tell a strong story about the change they are trying to achieve.


Training and capacity development

We provide professional training and capacity development sessions on mission-led change, key elements of a robust change process, and areas for systemic sustainable changes such as neighbourhood regeneration, decarbonisation, just transitions, food systems, energy systems, circular economy and bioeconomies.

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