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Placemaking for Citizen-led Missions in SE Europe (PLACE)

Korimako is co-ordinating the Placemaking for Citizen-led Missions in SE Europe (PLACE) project, under which we are designing and delivering a series of local placemaking processes in Slovenia, Croatia and Sicily; along with a number of international learning and capacity building events focussed on how placemaking can help to unlock radical community change. Project partners are KLIK, PUSH and Placemaking Europe.

Through this project we are helping to advance Placemaking for Civic Imagination work as part of the Thriving Communities initiative.

Do you need some help to get to Placemaking Week Europe 2023?

We can support two community leaders from SE Europe to attend Town Anywhere (26 September) and Placemaking Week Europe (27-29 September) in Strasbourg.

Placemaking Week Europe is Europe’s biggest conference and festival celebrating placemaking. The event brings together 400+ placemakers from across Europe, and the world, who are working to create better public space and city communities. Placemaking Week Europe is an opportunity to learn from real-life applications in placemaking and tactical urbanism.

Town Anywhere is a hands-on creative visioning process that brings potential community futures to life through time travel, visioning, conceptual placemaking and co-creation. It is designed to help us to rebuild our civic imagination capacities, which we need for better shaping the thriving futures we are striving for.

Are you a leader of ambitious community action in SE Europe?
Are you leading creative placemaking actions, or do you have a strong idea that you would like to?
Would you love to get to Placemaking Week Europe, but financially it isn’t possible without some help?
Do you live in an EU member state?

Then, fill in this form answering these short questions (max 50 words each):
•    Tell us briefly about you, where you live and your work
•    Why do you believe in placemaking as a process of positive community change?
•    How do you use placemaking in your community work (or how would you like to)?
•    Why do you need to be at Placemaking Week and Town Anywhere this September?


We will take applications until Wednesday 13 September 13.00 CET

If you are selected, you will receive free tickets for Placemaking Week Europe and Town Anywhere, and up to EUR 500 towards your travel costs.
You will be expected to: attend Town Anywhere and help with some logistical facilitation during the day; and also to join the Placemaking Europe Week session on Disruptive Placemaking: Experiences from SE Europe on Wednesday 27 September. Otherwise you are free to decide how you want to enjoy the festival. In the end we will ask you to prepare a short reflection blog or online article reflecting on what you enjoyed and learned.

To help prepare your response, you might like to have a look at:
•    Placemaking Week Europe
•    Town Anywhere flyer
•    Placemaking Europe
•    Thriving Communities

This support we are offering is part of the PLACE project, supported by the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values programme of the European Union.

Background on Placemaking

Placemaking is an inclusive process of co-creation that builds capacity within local communities to take ownership over their direct surroundings and public spaces, and to make these into wonderful places.

Public spaces are where citizens can freely congregate, create and collaborate. They are the places where a collective community voice can best be developed and heard.

The process of placemaking therefore can help to build collective civic imagination capacity, which is essential to creating demand for better futures for our communities.

For more ideas and background on placemaking, check out Placemaking Europe, Placemaking Europe Toolbox, Project for Public Spaces, Placemaking Education and City At Eye Level.

Thriving Communities – an initiative helping communities to create radical enough change to thrive in the 21st century. Given the broad value of public placemaking processes, helping communities to work on placemaking as part of their overall radical change process is a key area of work within the Thriving Communities approach. You can read more on how we are thinking about Placemaking for Civic Imagination here on the Thriving Communities website and in this medium article.

CERV Programme Event Description Sheets for PLACE Project

The PLACE project is funded through the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values programme of the European Union. A requirement of this programme is to publish the Event Description Sheets for each event that is part of the project. These can be found below for the PLACE project (published when completed and numbered in accordance with the order in the project grant agreement).

13.   Community Placemaking Workshop – Croatia (Šibenik)